Data Scavenging, Spatialized Crop Models & Low-Cost Sensors : Advancing Food Security through Sustainable Agroclimatology

Hello !

I’m a researcher specializing in agroclimatology and crop modeling at Cirad—the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development. With a strong background in agricultural engineering and a focus on plant breeding, I have developed a keen interest in understanding the intricate relationship between climate and crop systems.

Passionate about science, agriculture, and technology, I am driven by the goal of contributing to sustainable and resilient agricultural practices, particularly in the context of food security challenges in West Africa. My research primarily focuses on spatialized crop models, particularly those from the SARRA family. These models integrate spatial information, remote sensing data, to simulate and predict crop behavior in response to varying climatic and environmental conditions.

In addition to my work on crop modeling, I specialize in data scavenging approaches, recognizing the data scarcity challenges prevalent in many African countries. I strive to leverage existing data sources, harnessing innovative techniques to extract valuable insights from limited or underexploited datasets. By employing data scavenging approaches, we can make the most of available information, filling knowledge gaps and improving the accuracy of our models.

Furthermore, I am deeply interested in the development of low-cost data acquisition techniques and sensors. Recognizing the limitations posed by budget constraints, I aim to explore innovative and affordable solutions that enable effective data collection. By developing low-cost sensors and data acquisition methods, we can bridge the data gap, empowering farmers and researchers alike to make informed decisions and enhance agricultural productivity.

I am affiliated with UMR Tétis, a renowned research laboratory specializing in remote sensing and GIS. The expertise of my lab perfectly complements my research interests, allowing me to leverage cutting-edge technologies and spatial data to enhance our understanding of agricultural systems in the context of West Africa.

With a foundation in systems biology and plant breeding, I bring a holistic perspective to my research. By utilizing advanced modeling techniques, remote sensing data, and machine learning approaches, I aim to develop innovative strategies for optimizing agricultural practices and managing resources effectively, thus contributing to improved food security in West Africa.

Prior to joining Cirad, I earned my PhD in systems biology, focusing on deciphering the gene regulatory network governing crown root development in rice. This experience equipped me with a strong taste for data science and complex challenges. Before my current role, I had the opportunity to explore my entrepreneurial side. As the R&D lead at Sowit, a French-Moroccan agtech startup, I worked on innovative solutions to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture, applying my expertise to drive sustainable farming practices.

Feel free to reach me at jeremy.lavarenne at yahoo.com