Agricultural engineer specialized in plant breeding, PhD in systems biology

Enthusiastic about science, agriculture, and technology, with a dose of geekyness on top. I benefited from a curriculum in agronomy and plant breeding, and a starting career at the crossroads between fundamental and applied research. I like to solve problems, and enjoy working both in the wetlab and on my computer in front of large amounts of data. I define myself as a systems biologist, and i’m particularly fond of graph/network-based approaches, and believe they are tools that will allow us – along with machine learning – to better comprehend this world of complexity.

During my PhD thesis, i participated in the deciphering of the gene regulatory network governing crown root development in rice, by inferring it from transcriptomic time-series. Though there is much left to be done on the subject, i am interested by a broad range of topics, and i am open to discuss about any relevant topic.

At the end of my PhD fellowship, i worked on publishing the results of my research while setting up and leading a startup related to food history named MédiMoinsQuart, an online shop (a real one, not a dropshipping thingy) for which i partnered up with a renowned researcher in medieval studies to design, assemble and sell kits to learn how to cook XIII~XIVth Century recipes.

After a period as R&D lead at Sowit, a french-moroccan agtech startup, i am now a full time researcher in agroclimatology and crop modelling at Cirad, the french agricultural research centre for international development .

Reach me on ResearchGate / LinkedIn / Viadeo