Professionnal experience

Jun. 2022 – now : Researcher in Agroclimatology and Crop Modeling, Cirad.
I focus on spatialized crop models to understand the interactions between climate and crop systems. I develop data scavenging techniques to optimize the use of existing data sources. Alongside, I explore innovative solutions for the creation of affordable sensors. My work aims to improve agricultural practices and food security in West Africa.

Jan. 2020 – Jun. 2022 : R&D lead, SOWIT.
SOWIT combine la télédétection (drone et satellite), l’agronomie et l’intelligence artificielle pour fournir aux agriculteurs africains des informations leur permettant d’intensifier durablement leurs productions. SOWIT participe notamment à l’optimisation des opérations critiques de culture telles que la fertilisation, l’irrigation ou la récolte via des outils d’aide à la décision adaptés aux conditions de culture.

Oct. 2018 – December 2019 : Founder and CEO, MédiMoinsQuart. Making kits with ingredients and video tutorials to learn how to cook French medieval recipes.
Business planning & accounting, crowdfunding campaign organization, content production (articles, booklets, video editing, podcast production), logistics operations (sourcing and orders, stock management, orders prepping and shipping), community management (Jarvee, Hootsuite), digital marketing (Mailchimp, Facebook ads, Hubspot), webdev (self-hosted WordPress/Prestashop + Chargebee/Stripe/Paypal payment APIs).

Jul. 2015 – Oct. 2018 : Joint PhD fellowship, Biogemma/Montpellier University. PhD thesis realized between the UMR Diade, Cereal Root Systems (CERES) lab (IRD Montpellier), and the biotech company Biogemma. Thesis title : « Adaptation of cereal crops to water deprivation : looking for master root development genes through a systems biology approach« .
I used an inducible genetic system to generate a time-series transcriptomic dataset (270k datapoints x 16 timepoints) from which i inferred a gene regulatory network model of crown root development in rice. Previously unknown regulatory interactions between known players were validated using transient protoplast transactivation assays, and published (doi:10.1111/tpj.14487). I performed the formal analysis of the obtained network and integration with third party datasets to provide a shortlist of putative master regulatory genes to be validated for functional validation in CRISPR-Cas mutants. I think such network models and their rewiring can be of utmost interest for plant breeding (10.1016/j.tplants.2018.04.005). I generated a new in situ transcriptomic dataset of embryonic crown roots using laser capture microdissection

Feb.-Apr. 2015 : Part time microbiology technician, CNRS. Participating in an experimental ecology project based on the Pseudomonas fluorescens model. Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier, Evolution and Community Ecology lab. Transferring and optimizing a evolutionary experimental protocol requiring FACS.

Feb.-Aug. 2014 : Assistant breeder, Vilmorin. Cauliflower species, California, USA. Operational management of the breeding activities in recurrent populations. Design, setup and follow-up of the crossing cages, experimental and commercial trials, and experimental plots for improvement of the breeding process.

Oct.-Nov. 2013 : Research assistant, Think tank « seed treatment », Montpellier SupAgro. Prospective work about the issues regarding the prohibition of neonicotinoid molecules on seed treatment in Europe.


Training periods

  • Mar.-Sep. 2013 : Research intern, Cirad, Guadeloupe (French West Indies). Fine-tuning of a controlled conditions laboratory test, in order to evaluate resistance to the Sigatoka diseases of new banana varieties in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. UMR AGAP, APMV lab.
  • Feb. 2012 :  Kickstart internship, Cirad, Montpellier. Development of a statistical analysis pipeline for the treatment of phenotyping data from Magnaporthe oryzae agressivity traits. UMR BGPI, BECphy lab.
  • Mar.-Jul. 2012 : Research intern, LMI Rice (IRD), Hanoi, Vietnam. Cloning in binary vectors of rice gene promoters for Gus-based expression pattern studies.


  • Molecular biology : DNA and RNA extraction and quality assessment (NanoDrop One, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer & 4200 Tapestation), PCR, RT-qPCR (Agilent MX3005p), molecular cloning
  • Histology : tissue fixation and embedding (agarose, paraffin), sample preparation (vibratome and microtome), laser capture microdissection (Leica LMD 7000)
  • Microscopy : clear field & fluorescent (Zeiss Axio Imager Z2m), confocal (Zeiss LSM 880)
  • Image analysis : ImageJ. Fiji, Noesis Visilog, Bitplane Imaris (3D microscopy)
  • Expression analysis : Transcriptome Analysis Console (Affymetrix), Tuxedo suite (RNAseq)
  • Programming, data analysis & machine learning : R, Python, shell, Unix distributed computing (PBS), cloud computing (AWS, Google Cloud Platform),
  • Network science : network inference from time-series (TDCor, TD-ARACNE) and perturbation (WGCNA), network manipulation (Cytoscape, Gephi), static and boolean-based dynamic analysis (identification of attraction basins and switches, robustness assessment via NetDS, Atlantis, Pythonis alpha)
  • Geomatics : QGIS
  • Webdev: CodeIgniter
  • Data management : MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel
  • Communication and editing : Microsoft Office, Libre Office, GDocs, LaTeX, Mendeley, Adobe Photoshop, InkScape
  • Professional certifications : 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (MITx), Certiphyto CSPP (licence OF-0000-31265), Pesticide Hazardous Communication Plus + Respirator training & Fit check + Tractor Safety Training (Licence 007213, CSTC), Perfect Pint Craftsman (Guinness)
  • Languages : French (mother tongue), English (full proficiency, TOEIC 975), Italian (to be reactivated), Spanish (beginner), Vietnamese (survival skills), German (i can order a beer and a sausage)


Membership to scientific societies


Prizes and awards

Driving licences

  • Car (B)
  • Motorbike (A)
  • Paraglider (IPPI ParaPro P2)
  • Drone (training of pilots of civil unmanned aircraft, DGAC)
  • Multiaxis ultralight planes (soon)